Brits To BURN UP Banknotes With Queen's Face On Them

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Sep 23, 2022, 10:11:21 PMSep 23

Just one week left to spend paper £20 and £50 notes:
New polymer versions featuring artist JMW Turner and
code-breaker Alan Turing will be the ONLY legal tender
from October 1

. . .

Huh ???

A USA $5 bill from 1861 is STILL technically legal
currency - though you could get a LOT more for it
from an antiques dealer.

(Before then, banknotes tended to be issued by
individual BANKS - Fred's Bank and Feedstore,
so to speak - and also by individual state

However I find it odd that Brits are SO eager to
put all those little portraits of The Queen into
an incinerator. Yes, Alan Turning was a very smart
guy, but come ON now ! Currency should reflect
past glory too - adds "depth" to a nation.

Hey - at least somebody should see a business
angle here. SAVE a bunch of those notes - and
SELL them as "novelties" or "history" elsewhere.
They'd sell well in the USA, probably Canada and
Australia too. The Queen was totally FAMOUS and
it'd be an honor to own an old note bearing her
visage .
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