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17 Countries Sign "AI"-Protection Agreement - With One Big Exception

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Nov 29, 2023, 8:26:55 PM11/29/23

Berlin ( - Together with 17 other countries, Germany has
signed an international agreement to protect people against
misuse of artificial intelligence. Among other things, the
non-binding agreement provides for the control of providers.

Companies that develop or use AI, or that place AI on the
market, are to design programs such that users and the public
are protected against misuse. The aim is for AI to be made
“secure by design”. The 18 countries that have signed the
new guidelines include the United Kingdom, Italy, the Czech
Republic, Estonia, Poland, Australia, Chile, Israel, Nigeria
and Singapore.

The agreement is the biggest step taken so far in efforts
to protect people against the possible misuse of AI.

. . .

First off, "non-binding" ... it's just "feel righteous"
legislation, no teeth.

Second, the moment you create rules you then give all
the would-be violators something tangible to work their
way around. They will re-phrase, re-cast, add weasel-
words, re-define ... and now they know WHAT they have
to do.

Oh yea ... note that CHINA seems unlikely to sign. It's
all for abusing "AI" if it increases State/Global power.
Expect the latest sneakware on Tic-Tok almost immediately.
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