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US Navy Officer files TREASON Charges against President Obama identifying Obama as a foreign born domestic enemy

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US Army Veteran

Apr 24, 2009, 1:10:30 PM4/24/09
Tuesday, 17 March 2009

To Mr. Barack Obama

Via: U.S Attorney Russell Dedrick, and Assistant U.S. Attorney Edward
Schmutzer, Eastern
District, Tennessee

From: Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III, United States Navy Retired

Distribution: Wide


I have observed and extensively recorded invidious attacks by
military-political aristocrats against the Constitution for twenty years.

Now you have broken in and entered the White House by force of contrivance,
concealment, conceit, dissembling, and deceit. Posing as an impostor
president and commander in chief you have stripped civilian command and
control over the military establishment. Known military criminal
actors-command racketeers-are now free in the exercise of military
government intent upon destruction of America's constitutional government.

Free from constitutional restraint, and following your criminal example,
military commanders deployed U.S. Army active duty combat troops into the
small civilian community of Samson, Alabama last week in a demonstration of
their newly received despotic, domestic police power.

We come now to this reckoning. I accuse you and your military-political
criminal assistants of TREASON. I name you and your military criminal
associates as traitors. Your criminal ascension manifests a clear and
present danger. You fundamentally changed our form of government. The
Constitution no longer works.

Confident holding your silent agreement and admission, I identify you as a
foreign born domestic enemy.

My sworn duty Mr. Obama is to stand against what you stand for. You are not
my president. You are not my commander in chief.

Obedient to the Constitution in submission of this criminal accusation I
remain steadfast, and

Born fighting,
/s/ (notarized)
Walter Francis Fitzpatrick, III
United States Naval Academy, Class of 1975


David Hartung

Apr 24, 2009, 1:46:29 PM4/24/09

This is idiotic.

Obama may well be the worst president this nation has ever elected, but
there is absolutely no evidence to support the idea that he is not
constitutionally qualified top serve as president.

Apr 24, 2009, 1:56:59 PM4/24/09

You can make this claim until you're blue in the face, and look
moronic doing it, but history will bear out Bush as the worst
president this nation was ever saddled with.

> but
> there is absolutely no evidence to support the idea that he is not

> constitutionally qualified top serve as president.- Hide quoted text -
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