Dear Abby

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Michael Ejercito

Jan 27, 2023, 8:56:34 PMJan 27
Dear Abby,

I have lived in NYC for the past ten years. As many of you know, there
are a lot of jewish people in the city. Many of them are good friends
of mine, but at the same time I have seen SOOOO many examples of jews
being mega cheap. In very embarrassing ways.

I have seen:

jews do whatever they could to not put in the amount they owed on a
group bar tab.

jews not tip at a bar or restaurant (many many times).

jews go out of their way to haggle over $1 with shop keepers.

In college I had often seen jews fill their book bags with food from
the college cafeteria all you can eat section. One got called out by
an administrator and continued to do the same thing the next day.
(Fill book bag with apples, etc.)

jewish friends shared a cab with me but only put in $4 toward the $25
ride. They threw the money at me and then ran out.

I was at a birthday lunch a few weeks back. Everyone owed $10 toward
the food and then money toward their own drinks. We also wanted to pay
for the birthday girl. A jewish guy in the group was there with his
girlfriend. She only had the food and a cup of tea ($10 + $2 for tea +
$3 tip = $15). She left $20 (She had to go early so she gave her
Jewish boyfriend $20, $5 toward the birthday girl). When he paid, he
only paid $15 for her and pocketed the $5 extra! This guy makes $80k
per year.

jewish person at a bar with some friends and I took 20 minutes to
decide between his favorite wine for $8 per glass or another wine for
$7. He went through the process of asking the bartender why one cost
$1 more than the other. After arguing with the bartender for 20
minutes he finally ordered the cheaper one he didn't like. Just to
save $1!!! He didn't tip.

A jew asked how much it would be to add an egg to his dinner. It cost
$1 more. He argued with the waiter about how eggs only cost like 10
cents. He eventually got frustrated and didn't order anything. Over

It goes on and on.

Cheap clothes. etc.

One jewish friend has no TV, no cable, no internet (steals from
neighbor) a 8+ year old laptop, lives in a dump, grills on a 20 year
old grill he found in his backyard when he moved in, never brings
gifts to parties, always eats as much as he can when people go in
together on something. It is crazy.

I don't mind much if a jew is being cheap in a way that only hurts
him/herself, such as living in a dump in Queens. But when they try to
jew people down, it is embarrassing. Especially when they make fine
money. It is like a game with many of them: Who can jew the most money
out of others. Who can be the cheapest fucking jew in the world?

The question is: Why are jews so damn cheap?

Signed: A curious gook

Michael E.


Jan 27, 2023, 11:26:56 PMJan 27
Wanna HAVE money - don't SPEND much. In short, quit bitchin'
and LEARN how to properly handle money from the Jews. No credits
for being an ignoramus.

Oh well, maybe you'll win the PowerBall ........

Michael Ejercito

Feb 1, 2023, 4:22:21 PMFeb 1
On Fri, 27 Jan 2023 23:26:49 -0500, "26C.Z968" <>
Perhaps you've never read the words of the coon who does all my

"You are a White person. As a White person, you are above all else.

If you are a jew, you are below all else"

- Chrissie Morton

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