MASSIVE Swaths Of Amazon Jungle Being Plowed-Over Now - 30+ Percent of Remaining Zapped

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Jan 26, 2023, 11:42:29 PMJan 26

Human activity has degraded more than a THIRD of the remaining
Amazon rainforest – equivalent to 10 TIMES the size of the UK,
report reveals

Amazon rainforest is being 'rapidly degraded' by degradation,
the report warns

Degradation is where trees are affected by human activity like
logging and fires.

. . .

OK ... face The Truth ... It's Gonna Be ALL GONE Very Soon.

Land = survival & wealth. In kinda-poor countries like in
S.America these are critical issues.

SO - they're gonna burn it all down, plow it under, dig
it up for every granule of gold too (and use mercury to
recover the gold).

Google-Earth the African jungle while you're at it ... you
will see LOTS and LOTS of regular-looking patches. Those are
oil-palm plantations - monocultures. Hey, who was pushing
those 'bio-fuels' eh ???

In short, VERY soon, "jungles" are gonna be GONE. This global
recession will just speed that up. Go ahead, give money to
peasants ... they'll take the money AND plow-over the jungle
as well - double their money.

Just telling the TRUTH ....
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