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D. Ray

Jan 27, 2023, 5:00:26 PMJan 27
In the last 36 or so hours there have been two stories of racial foreigners
attacking Europeans in their own countries.

One attack in Germany left two teenagers, a 17 year old girl and 19 year
old male, dead. 7 others were injured.


In the south of Europe two Spanish priests were attacked and killed.
Another several people were injured.


The European Union and memberstate governments are investing billions in
combating anti-semitism and protecting Jewish places of worship on the
continent, meanwhile native Europeans and their important social and
culture institutions are left unprotected and vulnerable.

Last week we mentioned how the European parliament held a vigil for a
Jewish woman killed in Israel and once again we ask, will there be vigils,
moments of silence and demands for change as a result of these murdered

We all know the answer is no. European lives are valueless to this system
unless being used to fight neoliberal wars for their Jewish handlers.

The governments of White nations refuse to protect our elderly, our youth,
our clergy and our culture. They import millions annually to every
continent and country in which we reside.

This system has abidcated every shred of legitimacy it may have once had.
Washington, Brussels, Berlin and the neoliberal classes which inhabit those
centres of power are our political enemies.

Nationalists must present a positive vision for the future, and the only
viable solution to protecting White people is for nationalists to have the
power of the state in their hands.

We are fighting a political and cultural battle for our future.

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