Negroz have no place in america. Can only do crime and welfare.

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Jan 26, 2023, 7:57:16 PMJan 26
An average IQ of 65 means the negro species is hopeless. They will always need whites to take care of them

1. Black-americans come in last in all standardized tests. Asian-americans do fine on all the tests so it's not due to cultural bias in the tests.

2. Africa is by far the poorest and most backward continent on the planet. All of black africa is now controlled by blacks and has been for decades so it's not due to racism.

3. No black has ever won a Science Nobel Prize unless you count one in 1979 for the semi-science of economics. They have won many nobels in non-brain fields like Peace and also in Literature so it is not due to racism.

4. Out of 1725 chess grandmasters in the world, only THREE are black.

5. 50 years of affirmative action special treatment and blacks have fallen even further behind. What does that tell you?
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