HAHA New Chicago Walgreens - Almost everything is locked up. "Let us do the shopping"

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Jun 1, 2023, 2:53:11 PMJun 1
This is where diversity takes you. All the blacks and illegal aliens think they have a right to steal. MAWA


may 31 2023 In what was once a typical Walgreens, there are now just two short aisles of so-called “essentials” where “customers may shop for themselves.” If you want anything else—a bottle of booze, a deodorant brand deemed “non-essential”—you’ll need to order it at a kiosk and pick it up at the counter.

To the right, gated by anti-shoplifting devices to protect the inventory, two rows of low-rise shelves offer a very limited selection of those so-called “essentials.” Unlike the tall shelves you’re used to seeing in your neighborhood Walgreens, this store’s shelves are no more than five feet tall, giving everyone a clear look at what everyone else is up to.

But if you want anything other than the very basic of basics, you’ll need to use one of the iPad-like “kiosks,” where a sign invites you to “Let us do the shopping” from the store’s “full selection.”

After placing your order, a plastic-framed sign next to the computer instructs, you should “relax while we shop for you.” When your order is ready, head to the pickup/FedEx/Western Union counter to claim your goods.

The company’s pre-opening letter said the new concept is “aimed at bringing the community a greater convenience and safety.”


Jun 3, 2023, 12:44:03 AMJun 3
Nearly all these thieves are negroz. Whites need to join in. If they can do it so can we.
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