Idiots. Arizona Re-institutes near-total Abortion Ban

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Sep 23, 2022, 10:41:20 PM9/23/22

Arizona bans almost all abortions after judge confirms 1864
law automatically-triggered by end of Roe v. Wade WILL stand:
Only exception is for women whose life is put at risk by pregnancy

An Arizona Superior Court Judge ruled on Friday that a 1864
ban on abortions is now the law in the state regarding the

. . .

Well, there goes 51% of the vote.

DUMB-Asses !!!

Check to see if that judge has a ChiCom Party card
in his wallet because he clearly wants commies to

The GOP should have stayed a million miles away
from this issue. What kind of drugs are they on
that they believe "everybody" wants abortion bans ?
More brain-damaged than Joe. A FEW PERCENT do - and
they're mostly assholes. The rest would elect
Chairman Xi rather than see Republicans continue.
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