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Re: How are the remailers protecting their remailer servers

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Nomen Nescio

Mar 12, 2018, 1:20:54 AM3/12/18
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Anonymous <> wrote:
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> > Nomen Nescio <> wrote:
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> >> Most are probably using RSA. Since the NSA and other intels were in on the RSA diluting so that it could be more easily broken, it would seem wise that all remailers switch to Curve25519 (ECC) keys to access their servers. This is not difficult to do.
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> > And what makes you so sure that NSA promoted Curve#$%^& is more secure
> > than well understood and implemented RSA
> Citation needed!

Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC)
Patent License Agreement (PLA) Information
The attached ECC PLA is a free license to twenty-six patents,
patent applications, and the corresponding foreign rights. NSA
purchased this license from Certicom Corporation. To gain a
signed PLA, a company's product must meet a restricted field of
use, which requires that a product must:

Use elliptic curves with a prime modulus p where p is greater
than 2^255.
Be a product for national security compliant with FIPS-140-2 or
its successors.
Use elliptic curves with a prime modulus p where p is greater
than 2^255.
Be an NSA approved product.
A company can sell any product meeting the field of use. Certain
export laws do apply, though, as highlighted in the PLA. Also, a
non-U.S. company may sign an ECC PLA agreement with NSA;
however, such a company must contact NSA's Information Assurance
Directorate (IAD) through the organization in the non-U.S.
company's government that is authorized to handle Information
Assurance (IA) matters.

To receive a draft copy of the PLA, a Frequently Asked Questions
(FAQ) document, and to make any additional inquiries, please
contact the NSA/CSS Commercial Solutions Center (NCSC) by email
(, phone (240-373-4163).

> You need to do a short study of Curve25519. Don't study anything
> long or difficult, you obviously wouldn't be able to understand an
> indebt explanation.

You need to learn how to spell.

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