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Mar 18, 2023, 3:35:02 PM3/18/23
# Tin Foil Tools Script-Foo Challenge

Create a script for Usenet, privacy, security, or cryptography.

# Parameters for the script file

1. Must check for any dependencies used and fail gracefully.
2. No more than 22 lines including blank lines.
3. No line greater than 80 characters in length.
4. Must fit completely in a 80x22 terminal screen (less/cat).
5. ASCII only. No non-ASCII UTF-8 characters.
6. File must have a proper shebang and run with chmod +x {filename}.
7. Linux, BSD, Haiku, Unix-like systems only. No Windows or Mac garbage.

# Suggestions for the script function

1. Install and properly configure Mixmaster with all pinger data.
2. Install and properly configure YAMN with all pinger data.
3. Encrypt a file and format it as a base64 NNTP article ready to post.
4. Authenticate and post a text message or text file to a NNTP server.
5. Format margins and wrap of a text file for Usenet with soft wrap.
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