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Want To Earn 16K+? No Questions Asked?

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May 17, 2021, 5:14:38 AM5/17/21
Hey, Hi,

Go now to before they get the idea to change their
deceptive advertising!

I'm told by a representative of the biz, that if I want to withdraw
anything, I am requried to pay a fee.

Okay, sure, I accept that. They've made me rich!

However, that 15 cents to the dollar? Must come from a loan, or
alternate source, for thinkcryptofx is telling me, they refuse to deduct
their share from my bitcoin.

#! its illegal to practice that way here in the USA.

#2, they list a Connecticut address.

In the app, Telegram, there is "tradewithgrant' aka Grant Wilson who is
responsible for my profit and at first told me he is a rep and then
backed off that statement when it came time to tell me how to withdraw.

Nowhere on their site does it say I have to wait more than 7 days to
withdraw anything but I learned quickly, first, wait 28 days, then, i
cant withdraw partially due to the plan i'm on and it has to be all of
it, and to get my btc, have to get a loan if need be or find another way
to pay for they refuse to deduct it.

I'm also told, if i wait till i have a full bitcoin, i won't have this

I believe nothing of them now unless they choose to work with me on
this, regardless of loan etc needed, they should deduct their fee from
my btc, but again, refuse to do that despite my plea in email to do so.

Ive contacted law enforcement and an attorney..

To you I offer this: Anyone that can deliver me my bitcoin, all as of
Friday, 0.80 of it, worth near 36,000USD yesterday, shall have earned
and be paid 1/2 of the btc for your efforts.

William Mahler

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