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Steven Heller "The Swastika - Symbol beyond redemption? debunked by the cryptologist Dr. Rex Curry

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Sep 7, 2009, 8:19:01 AM9/7/09
Steven Heller "The Swastika - Symbol beyond redemption?"
debunked by the cryptologist Dr. Rex Curry

German National Socialists did not call their symbol a "swastika."
They called it a Hakenkreuz (hooked cross). Although an ancient
symbol, they also used it to represent crossed S-letters for their
"socialism" under the National Socialist German Workers Party, as
shown by the symbologist Dr. Rex Curry (author of "Swastika Secrets").

It was called a "hooked cross" because it looks like a regular cross
but with "hooks" added at each of the four ends of the cross.

Another swastika secret revealed by Symbologist Curry is shown in the
pattern at the link below. The image shows another meaning for "hooked
cross" in how the Hakenkreuz/swastika, when linked, forms a pattern of
crosses that are all hooked together in infinity.

Indeed the image raises the question: what is the actual pattern
shown? Is it a pattern of crosses, hooked crosses (swastikas), or

Although the swastika was an ancient symbol for "good luck" in India,
that is not why it was used by the National Socialist German Workers'
Party. The swastika changed from a good-luck symbol for "well-being,"
to a bad-luck symbol for "socialism." Under the Nazis it was called a
"Hakenkreuz," not a "swastika." One reason why it was chosen and/or
maintained by the Party is because they used it to symbolize two
crossed "S" letters for "Socialism."
Some novices make the absurd argument that during the 25 year
existence of the horrid Party no Nazi noticed the "S" shapes nor
attached any meaning (nor anyone in the SS Division). They also ignore
the fact that the Party leader was an ex-artist.

According to the book "The Swastika - Symbol beyond redemption?" by
Steven Heller, the swastika symbol was stylized in a version by the
famous German designer Wilhelm Deffke prior to 1920. Professor Klaus
Winterhager, graphic artist, has also lectured on "Signs of Power" and
researched that the swastika was draft of the famous graphic artist
and label designer Wilhelm Deffke. According to Deffke's former
assistant, Deffke redefined an ancient Germanic sun wheel and German
socialists chose it as their symbol but reversed it. Heller,
Winterhager, and Deffke's assistant express surprise that German
socialists took the symbol without thought of copyright or
compensation to Deffke.

All three people thus overlooked the discovery by the noted historian
Dr.RexCurry (author of "Swastika Secrets") that the symbol was no
longer the same symbol. The symbol had been reversed and was no
longer an ancient German sun wheel, but rather overlapping "S" letters
for "socialism." It was a significant and meaningful innovation that
even Deffke did not foresee. Dr.Curry'swork has changed the way
people think about the swastika.

Socialists socialized the swastika in more ways than one. On May, 19,
1933, Josef Goebbels' announced the "Law for Protection of National
Symbols." The anti-capitalist attitude of the socialists banned use
of the swastika for individual or commercial purposes. The swastika
was socialized for official purposes for the glory and worship of

Germany's socialist swastika had the same meaning as the earlier
Soviet Swastika and the Hammer and Sickle: The German and Soviet
swastikas were two "S" letters that represented socialists joining
together; the hammer and sickle represented socialists joining
together, particularly workers joining with peasants, or factory
workers joining with agricultural

The German term for "swastika" is "Hakenkreuz" ("hooked cross")
because the symbol represented two separate pieces crossed (two "S"
shaped pieces).

Daniel Ruth

Feb 16, 2022, 7:30:08 PM2/16/22
Hitler did not call his symbol a "Swastika." Also Hitler NEVER self-identified as a "Fascist" nor "Nazi." There was no "Nazi Party." YouTube videos are wrong about almost everything. Why is everyone so ignorant?

YouTube videos hide that fact that Hitler self-identified as "SOCIALIST" by the very word in voluminous speeches and writings.

The swastika represented S-letter shapes for "SOCIALISM" under Hitler (that is one of the many amazing historical discoveries in Dr. Rex Curry's work). Hitler changed the name of his party to "National Socialist German Workers Party" because the party's older name did not contain the word "socialist" which he needed for his comprehensive socialist branding campaign that tied the party's name to his "S for socialist" Hakenkreuz symbol (this is another AMAZING discovery by Dr. Curry). In that sense, Hitler HAD to change the party's name to make it work with the "S" shape symbolism of its logo.

YouTube videos like are made by people who are embarrassed to admit that they self-identify the same as Hitler: SOCIALISTS.

The vids perpetuate ignorance that is widespread: Almost everyone believes (incorrectly) that Hitler ran around gabbing in speeches and writings about his "Nazis" or "Fascists" (Hitler did not, ever). YouTube viewers doubtlessly believe that. In the sense just stated, there was no "Nazi Party" nor "Nazi Germany," and they are popular misnomers.

The terms "Nazi" and "Fascist" are used today to hide how Hitler DID self-identify: SOCIALIST. Very few people today are aware of the info in the preceding sentences. If the producer is aware of those facts then he needs to start stating them up front for the sake of students, youtubers, and everyone who watches.

The above are some of the amazing revelations in a book authored by supermodel Lin Xun (with assistance from me, Dan Ruth), and entitled “Come Inside My Head: Karl Marx”. There are many secrets revealed.
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