Communism vs Captalism

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Meme Warrior

Sep 8, 2004, 1:46:26 PM9/8/04

Which is a better economic system?

Sep 9, 2004, 5:27:10 AM9/9/04
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> Which is a better economic system?

Nice topic Meme

Up to date, capitalism has worked better, because of balancing acts
enforced by unions and local government; e.g. restrictions on working
hours, minimum wages, health and safety legislation and so on.
Communism up to date has not had many balancing acts, hence the
situation in many communist countries, but a pure capitalist system
can be as devastating as communism. Much of the criticism against
globalisation springs from the criticism on capitalism. Private sector
organisations gain incredible wealth and revenue, while large
communities suffer in poverty. Communism on the other hand makes
economic progress impossible, with the over-the-top socio-economic
equality. There has to be a balancing acts because neither, pure
communism nor capitalism is able to pull the not through.

With regards
Gilbert Gerber

Meme warrior

Sep 9, 2004, 2:37:23 PM9/9/04
to (GIL...@HOTMAIL.COM) wrote in message news:<>...

Captialism has worked better so far, but what about the future.
Captalism does improve economic progress, but what is the progress
towards? Are the economies of the captalist countries progressing
towards better standard of living for all of it's citizens? or a
economy driven towards empty materialism. Even in mixed society with a
predominatly capitalist attitude there is still many of the problems
assoicated with captalism.

A society of predominatly communist economies with limited captalism
to allow for growth, seems to be the best society in my opinion.


Sep 10, 2004, 8:40:30 PM9/10/04
I agree that a total Communist System will never be able to deliver
real progress for the people it is meant to Benifit.

However I also belive that a total Capitalist System will be equaly
unbenificial to the vast majority of people.

The problem is simple, Human nature of course, in any Society people
will exploit each other to get an advantage if they can. The Communist
system simpley did not allow anyone to get an advantage, but then
people will end up hating the system and it will lead to Stagnation
and Collapse.

In Capitalism those who get an advantage will never want to loss it or
allow anyone else to get it. This will get more Extreme over time,
thus there will be a Conflict between those who have and those want to
have. When thigs get bad enough the lower people will try to Destroy
the upper Class and up themselfs in there, which will result in a
never ending Cycle of Conflict.

So neither system can last, be stable or deliver Benifits to the
Majority of the Population. So what's the Solution? I think, a middle
ground between the two, a system where people can get advantages, but
does not allow any one person to monopalise them.


Sep 16, 2004, 11:11:20 AM9/16/04
to (Murphy) wrote in message news:<>...

thats just a great topic

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