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Panda Wallop

Sep 7, 2004, 11:36:40 AM9/7/04
No cat lover, I. Strange, then, to develop a genuine affection for the
white-socked feline who lately shares my passion for the riddance of
13-lined ground squirrels.

My method: High-velocity .177 caliber air rifle; Hers: Tooth and claw.

We've never met, but I observe her in the field from on high - black,
sleek, quite attractive, really; never before having felt a need or
desire to enlist the help of a cat to help accomplish my wants, it
strikes me as singular to discover a warm place in my heart for this
one. I project my encouragement towards her on those rare moments I'm
rewarded to observe a stealthy hunt, reveling to see the creep, the
twitching tail, the patience and the POUNCE!

Such "delicious" carnage. Oh, my!

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