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Dec 22, 2019, 8:30:01 PM12/22/19
"Jonathan" wrote in message
> On 12/21/2019 3:02 AM, hot-text wrote:
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>>> On 12/8/2019 9:21 PM, dale wrote:
>>>> The 5th Dimension is consciousness?
>>>> Not talking about the musicians ...
>>> The great cosmologist Paul Steinhardt...
>>> ....explains his idea of the Fifth Element
>>> in his paper concerning Dark Energy.
>>> His paper poses the universe is an
>>> attractor solution influenced by what
>>> he terms as the new element "Quintessence".
>> Quintessence
>> Is 5 Sub- In 1 Dimension
>> Unity Is 1 SUB in 1 Dimension
>> Duality Is 2 SUB in 1 Dimension
>> Trinity Is 3 SUB in 1 Dimension
>> Quadrality Is 4 SUB in 1 Dimension
>> Quintinity Is 5 SUB in 1 Dimension
>> Hexinity Is 6 SUB In 1 Dimension
>> Heptinity Is 7 SUB In 1 Dimension
>> Octinity Is 8 SUB In 1 Dimension
>> Noninity Is 9 SUB In 1 Dimension
>> Decinity Is 10 SUB In 1 Dimension
>>> Which is just another name for Emergence, btw.

A Good University

> quintessence
> Pronunciation /?kwin'tes?ns/ /?kw?n't?s?ns/
> 1 The most perfect or typical example of a quality or class. 'he was the
> quintessence of political professionalism'

Quinte = 5th + Sence = The Touch

He Was The Touch Of Political Professionalism
It Have To Be Trump

> 1.1 The aspect of something regarded as the intrinsic and
> central constituent of its character.
> 'we were all brought up to believe that advertising is the quintessence of
> marketing'

Advertising Is the Touch Of Marketing
< >

> 1.2A refined essence or extract of a substance.
> 'Mercury was believed to possess magical properties and
> some regarded it as the quintessence of the human body and
> of all substances.'
> 'Some chemists now turned less to distilled quintessences and more
> to precipitates and residues in their search for new remedies.' 1.3 (in
> classical and medieval philosophy) a fifth substance
> in addition to the four elements, thought to compose the
> heavenly bodies and to be latent in all things.


Quintes-sences + fourth elements = Touching The WATER


Is 5 Sub-Dimension
In 2 Sub-Dimension Prime
5th Sence In 2 Body
The Touch

But There is Sub-Dimension
In One Sub-Dimension
In One Dimension
Like A Three
And The Root 0

Root Dimension Is The Space
There Is Only Two Sub-Dimension In The Table Of Space

It Bright Or Dark Matter
And In Them Is Sub-Dimension In Sub-Dimension
And They Do Mix
To New Sub-Dimensions

The Human Sub-Dimension
Its Male & Female
Dark And Bright
Color Don't Matter

Is Just One Of Meny Sub-Dimension Touching

All Cage Up In The Duality
Male & Female
Unity-Sub-Dimension Of Duality Human

118 Step In To Trinity Of Rain
Are You Get Lost Is Reasons Of Table
Positive-Sub-Dimensions & Negative-Sub-Dimensions

Makes One-Sub-Dimensions
There are 117 known elements
and scientists theorize that there may be
as many as 130 or more.

>>> A quintessential introduction to dark energy

Dark Energy The More Elements

>>> By Paul J. Steinhardt
>>> Department of Physics, Princeton University,
>>> Princeton, NJ 08540, USA
>>> "Quintessence is a dynamical, evolving, spatially
>>> inhomogeneous component with negative pressure
>>> (Caldwell et al. 1998). The term derives from the
>>> ancient word for 'fifth element'; according to some
>>> mediaeval metaphysicians, the Universe consists of
>>> earth, air, fire and water, plus an additional
>>> all-pervasive, component that accounted for the motion
>>> of the Moon and planets. By analogy, in the current
>>> context, quintessence would be the fifth dynamical component
>>> that has influenced the evolution of the Universe, in
>>> addition to the previously known baryons, leptons,
>>> photons and dark matter."

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>>> But Emily might refer to the same effect as Quintessence
>>> or emergence as...Musicians~

Jazz/Commercial Music
Master of Music Degree
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