The growing popularity of intelligent design?

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Sep 26, 2021, 5:45:10 PMSep 26

PreacherNorm thought that intelligent design was growing in popularity
in 2019. The history that I put up in another thread claimed that a new
IDiot organization was founded in Austria in 2019. What type of IDiots
would support something when the bait and switch had been going down for
17 years and absolutely no IDiot rubes had ever gotten any ID science?
It does seem strange that you can still get rubes to sign onto the scam
when there hasn't been a group of creationist rubes stupid enough to buy
into IDiocy for the last 4 years. The last bait and switch went down on
the Utah rubes back in 2017. There hasn't been another IDiot group that
stupid and ignorant since. That doesn't mean that there are no longer
any creationists that stupid and ignorant left. The ID perps are still
updating their teach ID propaganda (just updated this year), so my guess
is that the bait and switch will go down again sometime in the future.

PreacherNorm uses a book published 10 years before to claim that IDiocy
is growing in popularity. He picked Meyer's "Signatures in the Cell"
book. This book never amounted to anything for IDiocy. Except for this
article I can't remember the last time an IDiot mentioned the book
except as something that Meyer's had previously published. Meyer's
older junk on the Cambrian explosion made the IDiot Top Six back in
2017. How could a book that never amounted to anything be used to claim
that IDiocy is growing in popularity?

This guy seems to be lost in some type of la la land.

Another good thing about ID is that it could be taught in the public
schools, because it isn't connected with religion at all. There have
been attempts to get special creation taught in schoools, but the courts
have rstricted it, saying it's a religious view. ID strictly focuses on
the scientific evidence of design in life abnd shows, scientifically,
that design requires intelligence.

How could anyone lie to themselves to this extent. This guy is
PreacherNorm, and he knows why he is an IDiot.

This guy drank the cool aid that the ID perps were serving before they
lost in federal court. After that loss the ID perps started their
religious web sites linking ID to their God and Meyer's most recent book
was "The God Hypothesis". The religious web sites were started over a
decade before PreacherNorm wrote this, and IDiocy had already failed in
federal court in 2005.

My guess is that this guy doesn't know that his notion of ID is already
dead. I would like to know what the Austrian IDiots think that they are
signing up for.

It may be this center for looking into Teleology in Nature.

We would like to thank Discovery Institute in Seattle for generously
supporting our ambitious project and this event. We emphasize, however,
that this new association is not a legal branch of Discovery Institute,
and we are not restricted to intelligent design theory but open to all
kinds of scientific and philosophical investigations about biocomplexity
and teleology in nature.

This probably means that a lot of them are young earth creationists, and
likely want to do more in that area than the ID perps.

Ron Okimoto

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