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Is the universe controlled by gigantic structures? — NOVEMBER 18, 2019

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israel sadovnik

Feb 11, 2024, 8:53:07 AMFeb 11
— NOVEMBER 18, 2019
Is the universe controlled by gigantic structures?
The idea that celestial objects exist within utterly immense cosmic structures is becoming inescapable.
/ Robby Berman /
New findings in astronomy are making some astronomers doubt our basic model of the universe.
Alignments of celestial objects suggest that they may be embedded in large-scale structures.
Galaxies too far apart to be influencing each other are moving through space together.
. . . in 1989 Margaret Geller and John Huchra, analyzing redraft survey data, discovered
the immense “Great Wall,” a “sheet” formed from galaxies many light years apart.
Though the bodies that comprise the structures are not gravitationally bound to each other —
the distances between them are too great — evidence is piling up that they are linked by something.
The most mind-blowingly distant synchronized motion was reported in 2014, when the rotation axes
of 19 super-massive black holes at the centers of quasars — out of 100 quasars studied — were found
to be in alignment, billions of light years apart.
Since the galaxies are too distant for their gravitational fields to be influencing each other,
Lee poses another explanation: That the linked galaxies are both embedded within the same, large-scale structure.
Another puzzle suggesting the influence of large-scale structures has become clear over recent years.
It’s been observed that galaxies surrounding our own Milky Way are weirdly arranged in a single,
flat plane. Big-Bang thinking would suggest that they should be circling us at all different sorts of angles.
Certainly, imagining a vast arrangement of utterly gigantic structures in which galaxies are embedded
paints a very different picture of the universe, and one that makes one wonder if these structures are
themselves embedded in something even larger. In this mid-boggling case, we are indeed small enough
to see only the space between objects — in this case galaxies. We’ve been no more aware of them than
whatever it is that may be living between our own atoms.
1- The universe as whole is flat and cold.
2- All galaxies are embedded in the infinite structures of cosmic vacuum.
3- Gravity doesn't work on too big distant.
Gravity is local phenomena in the infinite cosmic vacuum.

israel sadovnik

Feb 15, 2024, 12:58:11 PMFeb 15
"Since the galaxies are too distant for their gravitational fields to be influencing each other . . . "
This means that gravity (as previously thought) could not have created
the Big Bang "singularity" (as the beginning of existence).

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