2/3 of the prison population are drug or alcohol abusers. Of the other 1/3, most if not all have mental illness!

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May 18, 2022, 6:11:15 PMMay 18
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2/3 of the prison population are drug or alcohol abusers.
Of the other 1/3, most if not all have mental illness!
What we know about Buffalo supermarket shooting suspect Payton Gendron
By CNN, May 18, 2022

Gendron's parents were not known to hold extremist views,
according to two New York residents who have worked with his
parents at the state Department of Transportation and who
shared their views on the condition of anonymity due to the
sensitivity of the situation. "I never thought of the family as
racist or hateful," said one coworker, who said she was heartbroken
for the victims' families as well as Payton's parents, Pam and Paul.
"I can't wrap my head around this tragedy."

Gendron was a worker at the local Conklin Reliable Market for
about four months before he left about three months ago, the store's
owner said, adding he was very quiet and left on his own terms,
giving two weeks' notice. Gendron's mother regularly would walk
in the neighborhood, neighbors said. She was a nice woman, one said,
adding they "never would have thought that in a million years" Gendron
would have racist views. "It's pretty shocking," the neighbor added.

When you talked to Payton Gendron, "you wouldn't get more than a
word or two" from him, another neighbor said. Gendron's former
classmates said while he could sometimes be a loner and "odd,"
he wasn't known to be violent. "I just don't understand what
convinced him to do this," said Bryce Gibbs, who said he attended
elementary through high school with Gendron & described him as "nice."

Gendron made a "generalized threat" in June while he attended
Susquehanna Valley Central High School in Conklin, Gramaglia said
Sunday, adding the threat was not racially motivated. State police
took the student for a mental health evaluation, Gramaglia said at a
Buffalo news conference. After a day and a half, he was released.
The suspect was visited last year by New York State Police after he
did a high school project about murder-suicides, Garcia told CNN on
Monday. Concerns about alleged mental health issues "were brought to
light" after he turned in the post-graduation project, the sheriff said.

State police spokesperson Beau Duffy said that on June 8, 2021,
state police officers responded to the high school to investigate a
report that a 17-year-old student made a threatening statement. The
student was taken into custody under NYS Mental Health Law section
9.41 and transported to a hospital for a mental health evaluation.
Duffy confirmed it was an evaluation and not an involuntary commitment
-- so it would not have prevented the suspected shooter from purchasing
or possessing a gun under federal law.

State police were unable to confirm how long the person was in the
hospital or the findings of the evaluation. The agency also refused
to name the then-17-year-old. The suspect addressed the incident
in posts on Discord later shared on 4Chan, writing in a post-dated
January 30 that he "had to go to a hospital's ER because I said the
word's 'murder/suicide' to an online paper in economics class."
"I got out of it," the suspect claims, "because I stuck with the
story that I was getting out of class and I just stupidly wrote that
down. That is the reason I believe I am still able to purchase guns."
"It was not a joke," the post reads, "I wrote that down because that's
what I was planning to do."

The suspect goes on to claim his mental health evaluation lasted
only 15 minutes after he spent hours waiting in the emergency room.
CNN has reached out to New York State police about this account.
Broome County District Attorney Michael Korchak, the district
attorney in the suspect's hometown, is reviewing "all aspects" of
last year's investigation into the threat and also "going back
several years" to understand the suspected shooter's behavior and
relationships with family, teachers and other students. But it's
"hard to say" whether more should have been done in June, Korchak
told CNN. "Unfortunately this is nothing new in the criminal justice
system," Korchak said. "Individuals that have mental health issues
may have it under control for a period of time, and then one day
they just snap and things as tragic as this happen."

Investigators are talking to the suspect's parents and they are
being cooperative, Korchak said.


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