Glenn, what about winning?

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Jun 27, 2022, 9:35:22 AMJun 27
The enemies of God are building mighty armies, bent on total destruction. Which is the education system turning people into fact obsessed morons who are clueless about subjectivity. The education system is churning out millions of these soldiers against God, every year.

You are just playing games, not fighting in earnest. Although I am not really fighting in earnest much either, but the destruction and misery produced by the enemies of God, is very real. And you and I could be very sorry about not having fought in earnest, if it gets much worse.

It should be very obvious that the whole creationism vs evolution debate could be won, if religious people would learn / teach the logic of opinion and fact, subjectivity and objectivity, the creationist conceptual scheme.

What is the value of knowing how subjectivity and objectivity works?

1. Moslty throws out evolution theory, because of people realizing decisions are a reality of physics.
2. Reduces mental illness, because of having basic understanding about emotions.
3. Wipes out atheism, socialism, because of them mostly being based on materialism.
4. Generally helps people to be more efficient in objectivity and subjectivity.
5. Would generally lead everyone to believe in God, because when people are aware there is a subjective part of reality, it focuses people to pay dedicated attention to subjective issues.

The knowledge about how subjectivity and objectivity works is just highly practical, good for everything, a panacea.

The creationist conceptual scheme is the key to winning.

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