Not Enough Politicians Come From Business

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Matt Beasley

May 16, 2022, 5:31:12 PMMay 16
Not Enough Politicians Come From Business
Letters, May 4, 2022, WSJ

Why does the California legislature propose so many laws that make
no economic sense? (“California’s French Workweek,” Review & Outlook,
April 16). Maybe because a majority of our representatives have never
run a business? Assemblywoman Cristina Garcia, who is proposing the
32-hour workweek, was an activist before taking office. Out of 58
Democrats in the California Assembly, at least a dozen have a similar
background. I found only four Democrats who ran businesses before
taking office. Attorneys, teachers and government administrators
dominate the rest.

Our local paper invited two columnists to present arguments for
and against the workweek proposal. The one who argued against it,
to my surprise, is the most liberal columnist. He spent a year
running a small business.

California will continue to drive businesses to other states until
we replace the utopian idealists in the state legislature with people
who understand economics and what drives jobs and higher tax revenues.
--Oliver Watson, Orange, Calif.

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