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Re: Energy developer delivers major blow to blue state's climate agenda by canceling offshore wind contracts

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Jan 27, 2024, 5:40:58 PMJan 27
On 16 Feb 2022, Mike Flannigan <> posted some

> Another Obama climatist failure. Obama is the biggest failure ever.

Multinational energy developer Orsted unexpectedly withdrew from
agreements with the State of Maryland to develop two offshore wind
projects, citing worsening economic conditions.

Orsted announced that it had pulled out of orders which the Maryland
Public Service Commission (PSC) issued years ago greenlighting the
so-called Skipjack Wind 1 and Skipjack Wind 2 projects, and selecting
the projects for a 20-year Offshore Renewable Energy Credit (OREC).
Maryland Democrats repeatedly pointed to the Skipjack Wind development
as a key part of the state's aggressive decarbonization agenda.

"Today’s announcement affirms our commitment to developing value
creating projects and represents an opportunity to reposition Skipjack
Wind, located in a strategically valuable federal lease area and with a
state that is highly supportive of offshore wind, for future offtake
opportunities," David Hardy, Orsted's group executive vice president and
CEO of its Americas division, said Thursday in a statement.

"As we explore the best path forward for Skipjack Wind, we anticipate
several opportunities and will evaluate each as it becomes available,"
he continued.
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