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Windbag John Kerry's flatulence was the perfect 'keynote' for UN climate confab

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Dec 12, 2023, 3:45:59 AM12/12/23
It wasn’t technically the keynote address, but John Kerry’s gas eruption
pretty well summed up the substance of COP-28, the United Nations’ latest
climate conference.

President Biden’s “climate envoy” was plummily ranting on — “I find myself
getting more and more militant because I do not understand how adults who
are in a position of responsibility can be avoiding responsibility for
taking away those things that are killing people on a daily basis” — when
the distinctive sound erupted and a fellow panelist politely shielded her

That flatulence carried more meaning than all his alarmist verbal
emissions on global warming, and all the other noise at the confab— or,
for that matter, any UN climate conference.

Consider: He was ranting about nations that refuse to shut down all their
coal plants now, when he knows perfectly well that China is still building
two new coal plants a week.

But his interlocutors in Beijing nod politely when he blathers on, vow
they’ll do better in the future (as long as the United States makes a few
concessions, demands Kerry dutifully toots to the prez) — and hold their
laughter ’til he’s out of the room.

He might as well be farting as talking: The Chinese would still nod
politely and ignore him.

All the self-important nabobs flying their private jets to Dubai for COP-
28 are just as dim.

And as deluded: The hottest news on the climate front is how many “carbon
credits” turn out to be cons: A joint Guardian-Die Zeit investigation, for
example, found more than 90% of “rainforest carbon offsets” certified by
Verra, the world’s leading carbon credit certifier, involved nonexistent
cuts in deforestation.

That scam centered on Zimbabwe, but the climate warriors might as well
have been paying one of those infamous “Nigerian prince” con artists.

And while the conference crowd politely ignored Kerry’s emission, it’s
obsessing over another big stink: The realization that “the world” isn’t
going to meet their marquee goal of preventing global temps from rising
more than 1.5 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels; they’re already
up 1.2 °C and rising.

Even though the West has been burning gazillions on the cause: Biden and
Democrats in Congress, for example, brag of having “invested” hundreds of
billions (of taxpayer money) in Green New Deal schemes last year alone.

Right: Between bogus “offsets” and China’s coal plants (plus ones in India
and around the developing world), the goal was always a fantasy.

Many at the conference came “carrying a sense of disillusionment,” reports
The New York Times.

Good: Maybe they’ll even realize the whole crusade was ridiculous from the

As economist Bjorn Lomborg points out, the costs of meeting “net zero”
targets far outweigh the costs of unchecked climate change: The West’s
“current climate policy would end up destroying a sizable fraction of
future prosperity.”

More likely, COP-28 will finish not with an admission of futility, but
some “brave” new plan for drastic action (at the expense of the little

After all, blowhards like John Kerry need reasons why you should know how
important they are.

Charles Darwin
1 day ago

"Climate change" is a hoax and scam for the elites to gain control and
make tons of money at the same time. We're supposed to cut back on travel,
meat consumption, energy use, etc., while they fly private jets to
meaningless conferences to gorge on steaks and hear themselves talk.
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