Chums in the Dark, Part 2

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Andrew Solberg

Dec 17, 1993, 12:54:59 PM12/17/93

"A Startling Discovery"

In a moment, the Hardy Boys had entered the spacious and modern laboratory
where Mr. Hardy maintained a professional photographic darkroom and several
filing cabinets where he kepts hundreds of dossiers on suspicious inhabitants
of Bayport, which he jokingly referred to as "my blue-chip portfolio." The
famous detective had many wealthy clients who paid him large fees, and this
made it possible for him to retire at an early age.

The Hardy Boys went right to work. Frank mounted the rubbers on an enormous
microscope slide while Joe immersed the note in a solution of formic acid
and Clearasil to bring out any secret writing, fingerprints, or watermarks.

Soon they were ready to begin their scientific investigation of the clues.

"I'm all set," declared Frank, as he maneuvered the giant slide into an
oversize microscope. "Let's take a look at these rubbers first."

"Look!" cried Frank, as he turned the instrument up to full power. "There's
writing! It says U.S. Rubber, size 9 1/2."

"That should be easy to trace!" exclaimed Joe. "There can't be too many
stores in Bayport that carry that brand."

"Wait!" cried Frank. "There's something written in indelible ink. It says:

"Looks like we jumped to the wrong conclusion," admitted Joe sheepishly, as
his brother removed their father's footwear from the specimen slide. "But
never mind, there's still the letter."

The two brothers carefully examined the piece of paper. "No fingerprints,"
observed Frank glumly, "but wait, there's a watermark. It says Bayport High
School! Joe, this came from someone at school!"

"This is getting stranger and stranger!" Joe said excitedly.

"Do you suppose someone broke into the school and stole the paper?" put in

"I don't know. Let's unglue these letters and see if we can find what
magazine they came from," suggested Joe. "That would give us a clue to
who sent the note."

Using a special glue-dissolving method their father had taught them, which
involved heating water in a metal container until it emitted a thin, smoke-
like cloud of water vapor that loosened anything stuck to paper, the Hardy
boys painstakingly slipped the cut-out letters off the sheet of paper without
tearing them.

When they had removed all the pieces, they carefully examined them for any
clues to their origin.

"Nothing so far," said Frank, after her had gone through a few of the
clippings. "There are a lot of pictures of skin, and there's one of what looks
like an old teething ring, but that's all. I don't get it."

"Look!" interrupted Joe, excitedly holding up one of the letters. "It says
FREDERICKS OF HOLLYWOOD and 'two-piece rubber suit', and it has a box to
check. It must be part of an order blank!"

"Here's something!" exclaimed Frank. "Listen to this: 'caressed her taut....
thrusting into.....again and again....honeypot.' It's just a piece from an
article. That's all there is."

"How about this?" suggested Joe. "'SUPER DYNO DILDO....soothing action.'"

"It doesn't make any sense," confessed Frank. "Wait! Maybe it's from some
kind of medical journal. That would explain the pictures of skin!"

"Say, you may have something there," replied his brother. "But what doctor
would steal paper from Bayport High?"

"I don't know," admitted Frank, "but the sooner we find out, the better I'll
feel. Knowing some ghoul is out to get us gives me the creeps!"

"You and me both," shivered Joe.

"Well, we've done all we can here," Frank declared. "Let's go see Dad and
tell him what we found."

"Right," agreed his brother, "and maybe we can find Iola at the same time."

"Good night!" cried Frank. "I forgot all about Iola! Let's hurry!"

Frank and Joe left the laboratory and rushed back into the house and up the
stairs to their father's study. As they passed the detective's bedroom door,
they heard moans!

- * -

"Sex between a man and a woman can be a wonderful thing if one
is between the right man and the right woman." - Woody Allen

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