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mr. wonderful

Nov 18, 1992, 2:56:35 AM11/18/92
i am having generally paranoid feelings more often that usual lately. for
instance, tonight i went with my friend joe to buy three 23 inch pizzas
for our monthly biochemistry research group seminar (bigs). we bought them
and then on the way back i looked at the clock in joe's car. i noticed
that the seminar was supposed to start in ten minutes. i suddenly got
really paranoid and declared that if we didn't hurry we wouldn't get any
pizza. this is for real. i am losing my mind.

btw, the pizzas cost $97 and we did run out. i didn't feel bad though
because i took more than i could eat and two beers as well.

the ss still have not yet talked to my parents as of tuesday night. weird.
i really expected them to be more on the ball. i guess i just have to play
the waiting game. the agent told me, "no news is good news" and to call at
the beginning of december. i guess i'm low priority. this doesn't bother
me. ciao, etc.
PJF--->Biochem. grad student

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