A State Option For The Minimum Wage Will Never Be! _

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Intelligent Party

May 7, 2022, 3:31:21 AMMay 7
Underemployment Masks True Unemployment

If raising the minimum wage *did* increase unemployment, it would merely be
showing us the *true* unemployment rate.

A State Option For The Minimum Wage Will Never Be!

The Federal Government needs to take charge.

The CITY of Birmingham, Alabama, RAISED the minimum wage, but in response, the
STATE of Alabama, passed legislation stating the minimum wage must be the same
everywhere in the State, which is ZERO.

Alabama only has a minimum wage because of the Federal minimum wage.

Salaries lag inflation.

If Everyone Had Equal Consumption, Libertarian Economics Might Work

It still might be inadvisable, you should just be able to use the park, or
sidewalk, or road, and not pay. There are extreme benefits to communalism.

It's like, farmers need to be able to water all day in 100 degree heat. That's
the way work gets done. They don't need to worry about paying. Nor do people
need to worry about paying to use roads or parks. We should own them as the
people. Likewise we need to put in the water. That's the way work gets done. It
would only cost several billion dollars out of a several thousand billion dollar
Federal Budget.

Intelligent Party

May 14, 2022, 3:54:36 AMMay 14
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