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Sep 4, 2021, 3:17:46 PMSep 4
What must the Taliban comply with in order to receive the same $5 Billion the U.S.
has been spending over there:

1. Women have equal rights.
2. Freedom of religion.
3. Can't cut people's hands off.
4. Can execute only for murder and other capital crimes.
5. No punishment for sex or adultery (Jesus forgave it, and is part of Islam)
6. No punishment for homosexuality (hermaphrodites must be allowed to have sex -
homosexuals are intersex)
7. In games of chance, the wagered property remains the property of the loosing
party (as there is no arms-length transaction, and no "consideration" given, it is
not a legal trade). Rather than punish, allow people to sue to recover, and so
ruin their faith in the notion, with a better notion.
8. Universities must be allowed intellectual freedom and not closed.
9. People have right to attire, if they are not putting others at risk, for
instance failing to wear a mask when within a certain distance of another for
COVID, or they are not harassing others.
10. The right to criticize the government (no country ever made progress without
constructive criticism).

Opium production is about to go to 0%. I don't know if there's any small need for
it for medicine or anything.
It should be legal to market over the counter in the U.S. as poison, and by
permission medicine, both sold out of sight, out of mind, as it has the potential
for frivolous use and abuse as a euphoric mental impediment, and should not be
used to euphoria, but for pain or will cause much pain if abused and is a true
vice and a horrible thing if abused.

Afghanistan's GDP is $20 Billion, compared to U.S. GDP of $20 Trillion. But
Afghanistan is 32 Million people, compared to U.S. of 320 Million people. So the
U.S. is 100 times richer than Afghanistan per capita nominally, but the money buys
3x more in Afghanistan, so the U.S. is 33 times richer _per capita_ in purchasing
power. Afghanistan is a 4th world country at $2,000 per capita, PPP, to the
U.S.'s $68,000 per capita PPP ($60,000 is 1st world, $20,000 is 2nd world, $6,000
is 3rd world, $2,000 is 4th world, $600 is 5th world (central Africa) (the planet
itself is $11,000 per capita buying $17,000, therefore almost 2nd world per
capita)). So it's still relatively to Afghanistan as if the U.S. got $5 Trillion
per year. Current U.S. tax revenues are $1 Trillion while the U.S. goes into debt
$2-3 Trillion per year against both inflation and higher interest rates (To keep
track of it, Congress sells bonds and the Fed prints money to buy the bonds if it
wants, until there is inflation, and then raises interest rates (by dictation of
the Federal Funds rate, and by selling bonds and deleting the money). We can only
finance so much within a limited period of time, including WAITERS, which produce

The U.S. gives $47 billion in foreign aid, worldwide, per year. Over $16 billion
of it is military aid. The U.S. was spending about than $3.75billion in
Afghanistan in military aid per year, and will probably continue to spend over $1
billion on humanitarian aid, even after the pullout, money that could be used to
lead the Tablian if they agree to be truly holy.
It's not it, to invade a country, and leave it in anarchy and chaos. You have a
responsibility. Like "Reconstructionism" in the American South, after the U.S.
Civil War. This is dependent on free and just government. Yet our demands must
not be too onerous and burdensome; we must be reasonable, given the context. Not
negotiation, but not absolutism. It's up to us. But can they follow us? Yet if
they're not willing to at all, then it's not a deal. The point is giving, not
control, nor being controlled. So you have to understand the situation you're
dealing with, to lead, graciously. We make *our* decisions based on reason. Do
they have a reason why they will not follow? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Those who are
unwilling to follow will not be supported and lead, but you have to give them
something they *can* follow, so you have to understand _them_, it's a two way
street. We're not madmen, but why would they be? (Al-Qaeda and ISIL may be) Vs.
just giving them blanket money to do evil with. Vs. just being unreasonable
yourself, and there's no deal they would want.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ What is it,
that it's not diplomacy, and not negotiation? It maybe, should be, remembered,
"not negotiating with terrorists," came out of 1980's plane hijackings, where
terrorists would hijack U.S. planes, and make demands; negotiating with them would
no doubt lead to repeat behavior. On the other hand, sometimes countries are
unacceptable, and a hard-line approach is the only response. This leads to
sanctions impoverishing the country, making it easier to invade in the future. Is
that the plan with Afghanistan? Will a carrot lead now? Or is a future invasion
plan all that will ever become of this otherwise forsaken country? It wants us,
to have a strong U.S. ally in the area, and it wants us, to have a country like
Europe - as it was becoming just before - now reconciled to the Taliban, as being
lead by a U.S. helped, Sharia perfected reformed Taliban, in the area, so that
whole violence war thing can be behind them.

Write your additional suggestions as to what the Taliban should include, in their
new Jeffersonian government, if they want our $5 Billion per year here (or do we
not want to get overzealous in our advocation? Did I write enough above?) But I
think the key is to be clear and simple. We all have a right to freedom, action,
and movement. We all have a right to possession. Drugs are our property, and we
have a right to use our body and our property without violating others. This is a
legal scientific, and moral scientific fact, and those who violate it are law
breakers. Prohibition is crime. Whether perpetrated under Sharia, or the USA.
The Tablian need to understand this. The USA needs to understand this. It's
similar to Nazi prohibition of Judaism. Regulation of commerce deals with
consumer and employee protections, and is largely about informing those parties,
while they should not be employed to commit self-harm of engaging in unnecessarily
dangerous, unnecessarily injurious, unnecessarily unsanitary, nor unnecessarily
painful activities, and WAITERS and WHORES produce no product, while take-out is a
necessity, and porn stars produce movies we'll have for decades to centuries, and
everyone should have an equal opportunity at good school, TO PURSUE A HIGHER
VOCATION, there else is not economic justice (there's no substitute product for
whores like take-out, so there's bound to be an illegal market if prohibited,
which means gang-protection rather than police-protection).

American PROHIBITION is like Taliban SHARIA, and there is no reason we would
worship that, any more than the Taliban's version of Islam. WE DO NOT BELIEVE

The demons of the world hijack every country and every religion and deceive the
people. For instance, they call female genital mutilation "Christian" in some
African Christian countries, and they call female genital mutilation "Islam," in
some Islamic countries. In Cameroon they simply iron adolescent young girl's
breasts, with hot rocks, leaving them with scars for life, so they won't look
mature enough for sex, and get impregnated, and call it nothing. They just do it.

American PROHIBITION is like 2001 Taliban SHARIA, and there is no reason we would
worship THAT, any more than the Taliban's 2001 version of Islam.

The Bible says "worship God," and God is light, and within, and one with you. Like
any social science, all religion must be scientific or how would you know which
sentences of the book you were following where. There is a time and a place for
everything. Intelligence shall save us, and condemnation would defeat us. Truth
is the apex of every holy religion. TRUTH and intelligence are the head of every
individual. Not the Taliban. Not the USA. The spirit of God is in animals too,
and everywhere. You must attain real mental peace, or you will not succeed very
well in this world or any.

The following technique may help:
"Fall Asleep Despite Anxious Thoughts (US Navy Technique)"

It's all about the re-establishment of your will. Your self is still at peace,
even though your mind is in conflict.

"Do what thou wilt," is not the whole of the law, but "do unto others, as you
would have them do to you."
"Therefore, whatever you want men to do to you, do also to them, for this is the
Law and the Prophets." - Jesus
"Obey Jesus, and worship Allah," - Holy Koran

How Jocko Willink Would Handle the Current Afghanistan Situation - "If I Were

'Lone Survivor' Marcus Luttrell's message on Afghanistan:

LEADERSHIP, not merely criticism, is what the world needs. LEADERS help other
people. We can potentially LEAD the Taliban to a better government; there's
nothing to loose by trying.

The policy, to subvert and destroy the Taliban government, and you're against the
policy; vs. merely threatening future invasion.

A prohibition of any support or assistance of resources with money to the Taliban,
would prohibit us from providing aid to restore Buddhist statues.

Helping The Taliban to craft a new government, by leading them in the ways of
righteousness, IS NOT A CRIME.

Helping them figure out how to violate human rights more effectively, and wage
war, may potentially be a different matter. So you conspired to commit murder
with somebody, and they committed it.

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