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Jun 26, 2021, 3:15:39 PMJun 26

90% of abortions take place in the first three months, that is 13 weeks.
There are 4.33 weeks in a month.

Chart: https://i.ibb.co/7rQhqTD/US-abortion-by-gestational-2016.jpg .

Nearly 100% of abortions take place in the first 20 weeks, or 4.6 months.
Abortions after the first 20 weeks are generally not done except in extenuating

So 90% of abortions take place in the first trimester, or 13 weeks, and 10% more
take place in the next 7 weeks, or first half of the second trimester.

While the first two trimesters accounts for 26 weeks. That is, 6 months. Normal
gestation is 9 months plus 1 week, that is, 40 weeks.

If there IS a ghost, in the fetus, after four months; it is like two adults attached.

If there's NOT a ghost, in the fetus, before the fifth month; it's immoral to NOT
abort, if you DON'T want a baby!

There is NOT a ghost in the fetus for the first four months. Technically the
ghost enters the fetus at different times, between the beginning of the fifth
month, and birth.

There's life after death, and there's life before life. You didn't come out of a
zygote. God is light, and within, and One with you. There's ghosts between
lifetimes. Most of the time, ghosts don't hang around the living. There's no
brain in the first three months. The average abortion costs $300-$800. We could
pay doctors *double*, in order to encourage them to abort. The total cost is less
than $2 Billion = $1,000 x 2,000,000 abortions. With savings on K-12 of $216
Billion per year =12x$12,000x1.5million unplanned babies. Overpopulation is
screwing the planet. We can have a happier world. Stop having unplanned
children, for the children. Intelligent rich people, should have children. Only
crazy people, and rich people, have children. Unplanned childbirth is the scourge
of nations. Every sane civilization begins with population planning, among these
several things. Presently there’s 2.5 million planned childbirths, and 1.5
million UNPLANNED childbirths, and 2.5 million deaths, and 1 million immigrants
PER YEAR. 25 million extra people per decade, 100 million in the past 40 years. A
50% increase in the population of our society. 1.5 million unplanned babies of 4
million babies born, total, per year, means 37.5% of our population is unplanned.
This has got to have, a deleterious effect, upon the socio-economic status, of our

Use two or more disparate types of birth control, concurrently, or you will get
pregnant. You will certainly get pregnant, in ten years, on the pill. You will
get pregnant tonight, without birth control, it’s literally 50/50; and certainly
if you have sex without birth control twice, two weeks apart. Hence the “morning
after pill,” because there’s almost 100% chance, someone who didn’t use
protection, is pregnant. Insufficient intelligence on safe sexuality, is causing
sexual repression. If your children are sexually repressed, what makes you think
they will NOT be sexually repressed the day they turn 18?! No, this may follow
them harmfully for the rest of their lives!

We demand parental consent laws be stopped and a minor's right to abortion be 100%
fully recognized. Parental consent laws place an "undue burden," on a minor's
ability to get an abortion, as a minor has to inform some people who may be at war
with her. Guardian-Ward = Warden-Ward = Abuser-Abused. I say we're all fraternal
twins in my household, and we're all each other's children. Yet we're not
children. People are meant to be brought up and not belittled. Subjugation of
people is hysterical. And there is no punishment. Good kids don't need
punishment, and bad kids don't benefit from it. Intelligence and Truth are the
head of every individual. Didn't you read Isaiah? "A child shall lead them?"
Of course, it would have to be an intelligent child. Those who lack wisdom *are*
children. Anyone, of any age, who as anything *truthful* to say, is a pastor. We
*are* all equal, in Spirit.

Parental consent laws, are pure illegal and pure evil. Every person has an equal
right to an abortion, regardless of age, on this planet. Ageism is a crime. In
the case of parental consent laws, abortion Ageism, is a capital crime. This is
murder. People have rights, and imposing one's subjective values onto others is
objectively wrong and immoral. Even if they're your "children." This is done by
the power of the sword, and is crime. Protected by the U.S. Military; thus, the
Federal Congress is 100% responsible for this abject crime against humanity! And
"children" *do* have a right to privacy, which ought not be violated!

Anti-abortion has been winning, and the number of abortions per year, has declined
by half, from over 1,300,000 per year, to 625,000.

90% of abortions take place in the first three months - 13 weeks:
https://i.ibb.co/7rQhqTD/US-abortion-by-gestational-2016.jpg .

99.99% of abortions in the first 20 weeks or 4.6 months.
Abortions after 20 weeks(4.615 months), are generally only done in extenuating

So 90% take place in the first trimester or 13 weeks, and 10% more take place in
the next 7 weeks, or first half of the second trimester.

Anti-abortion, is thus basically so much malarkey, it is as dumb as the flag
burning Amendment. And Marky Mark burned the flag; and it's wasn't hate speech:

DEMAND FREE ABORTIONS NOW! Overpopulation is screwing our country. It’s all
population vs. property, and capital vs. labor. We need to build the capital into
more capital, and with a little labor, while still consuming SOME of the fruits of
our capital and labor. This is a lot easier without a huge population, of
uneducated people; adding no innovation and intelligence to our world. Every born
baby’s life should matter!

Europe has increased its population at the same speed as the U.S.A., while Latin
America has increased faster, and Africa has quadrupled its population in the past
50 years. In Africa the average woman has 5-6 babies each. At least its
separated from us, by two oceans and a desert.

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