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Behnam Taraghi

Sep 29, 2009, 11:54:38 AM9/29/09
Dear All,

I just wanted to know if there is any effort to update mywiwall to the
last W3C draft of specifications.
I have implemented a personal learning environmet which bases on
mywiwall to use at univerity level for students.

kind regards


Sep 29, 2009, 1:55:21 PM9/29/09
to Talk about Widgets
Hi Behnam !

Of course we want to update myWiWall with many new features, and make
it compliant with the last draft of the W3C Widget specification.
Unfortunately, our team in the Public Research Center Henri Tudor of
Luxembourg is really busy at the moment and has to deal with other
challenging projects.

We can't say anything about when we we'll come back on the development
of myWiWall, but we all really hope that it will be really soon !

We are really happy that you used myWiWall to set up a brand new
learning environment ! We are really interested to see how it looks
like ! Do you have a website or documentation to send us ? It would be
really appreciated ! We also deal with learning and computer based
assessment in the TAO project (

Please also feel free to give us some feedback about the application.

Best regards,
Jérôme Bogaerts

Behnam Taraghi

Oct 1, 2009, 9:29:02 AM10/1/09
Dear Jérôme !

I have finished the first version of a prototype of the PLE portal
(widget container), which is actually an extension of mywiwall portal
(sever and client side) with a different GUI.
The next phase would be the implemetation of widgets for different
(distributed) university services, learning objects and resources in WWW.
You can see some screenshots online [1], as I said I haven't implemented
many widgets yet.
I have done also some performance issues and have updated the code using
the last version of jQuery and jQuery UI.
It would be definitely very helpful for iterested developers if you
could provide a simple web page with documentations and the url to the
source code, etc.


Best regards

bugalood schrieb:


Oct 1, 2009, 10:57:11 AM10/1/09
Dear All,

I saw a demo of Beni's variant of mywiwall during the MUPPLE workshop
[1] where Beni has presented his application [2]. As I understood it,
Beni rewrote mainly the GUI front end (the end user's UI, not much the
administrator UI to upload widgets, and did small changes to the
database (it concerns categories management and maybe user's profile).

I found very interesting the idea that the users can browse the
categories and test each widget in each category (that's the first
view visible at and which
replaces the widget gallery to add a widget). In this view for
instance the "My Tuggl" category has one widget called RSS Feed
Reader. If I understood again, from this view the user can add a
widget to his/her personnal desktop which is his/her main PLE view.

In the last view I am not sure what does the "dock icons" bottom bar
represent ?

Looking forward this shows what could be I think a requirement to
reegineering mywiwall: it would be very nice to have a modular
architecture, maybe with a plugin model, so that some adopters can
change/extend either the database backend, or parts/all of the GUI
front end.



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