Trody Family Gets Eviction Notice- Take Back the Land and Community Ready to Defend

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Take Back the Land

Aug 20, 2009, 7:56:01 AM8/20/09
to Take Back the Land
Trody Family Gets Eviction Notice
Take Back the Land and Community Ready to Defend the Trodys
Press Conference Announcing Support Set for Thursday, August 20th at 10:00am at the Trody Home

The Trody family received national and international media coverage when on February 23, 2009, Miami based Take Back the Land and other community organizations helped them move back into the same home from which they were evicted. In the New York Times, on CNN, ABC Nightly News, PBS' NOW and other news outlets, the Trody family emerged as a symbol of resistance against a foreclosure crisis run amok.

On Wednesday, August 19th , 2009 the Trody family was served with another eviction notice, once again facing eviction from the only home they know and can afford. Rather than leave and return to living in the van in which they slept after the first eviction, the family is choosing to defend their home and demand funding for housing for all, not for evictions.

There will be a press conference at the Trody home, located at 849 NW 137th St., in unincorporated Miami-Dade County, at 10:00am on Thursday, August 20, 2009.

Joining Take Back the Land at the press conference will be the Miami Workers Center, of which the Trodys are members, Power U Center for Social Change and other community activists and supporters.

“Housing is a human right,” asserts Max Rameau of Take Back the Land. “And as such, the Trodys have a greater need, and right, to this home than big corporations getting billions of dollars in our money for a bailout.” US Bank, which is pursuing the eviction, received $6.6 billion in federal TARP bailout funds.

“The county should defund the eviction work of the sheriff’s department and put money into affordable housing,” says Tony Romano of the Miami Workers Center. “The Trody’s are committed to keeping a roof over their heads, and taking stand against evictions.”

Members of the family say they will have to be forcefully removed from the home. Community members and organizations are planning on supporting the family and defending against the eviction for as long as the family wants to stay.

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