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Take Back the Land

Aug 27, 2010, 11:57:25 AM8/27/10
The media spotlight will yet again shine on the Gulf Coast ascommemoration events begin to unfold for the 5th anniversary of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. As the devastating impact of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill becomes clearer, we are once again reminded that corporate profiteering and government inaction continue to stand in the way of a just recovery for the Gulf and it's residents. And, yet again, Halliburton seems to be at the center of the latest preventable disaster to wreak havoc on the Gulf. 

That's why, on KIN's 5th anniversary, we're launching a corporate accountability campaign to take on Halliburton, whose greed continues to thwart efforts toward a just recovery. 
Will you join us?

The federal government has been investigating the Halliburton corporation for allegedly making millions of dollars by defrauding taxpayers and overcharging on government contracts. So, why is Halliburton continuing to profit in the Gulf Coast from taxpayer funds and getting more government contracts?

This is not just about Halliburton--- this is about good governance.Too many companies are entrusted to do important public works and simply don't deliver. It's not fair and it wastes money. But, most importantly, it's costing lives and hurting the environment.  We can't let reckless corporate profiteering continue.

Will you join our campaign and send a letter to Interior Secretary Ken Salazar, demanding that he freeze all contracts and payments to Halliburton until they are cleared of all charges? 

The Halliburton Story

The federal government continues to do business with Halliburton at the same time it's under investigation for a laundry list of charges tied to corporate greed and negligence. 

Halliburton has been accused of war profiteering by "criminally
overcharging" the US military for fuel; billing for products and
services never delivered; and delivering sub-standard services, such as contaminated water to US troops stationed in Iraq. (1)

Halliburton may also have a role in the Gulf's devastating oil spill. The company worked on the Deepwater Horizon oil well casing just 20
hours before it exploded, leaving some observers to believe Halliburton's
shoddy work is directly to blame for the explosion and subsequent spill. (2)

And the company may have figured out how to profit on the spill itself. Just 10 days prior to the explosion, Halliburton purchased Boots and Coots, the company contracted to clean up the disaster. (3)

Halliburton's already been found guilty of this kind of thievery. In 2009, Halliburton and KBR, its military contracting subsidiary, pled guilty to violating the U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act and ordered to to pay a record $579 million fine (4). The previous record was $44 million (5). Halliburton was charged with bribing Nigerian officials to the tune of $132 million in order to secure a lucrative $6 billion contract from the Nigerian government.

We know that Halliburton likes to get rich by playing outside the lines. Now, they're trying to profit from a disaster they may very well have helped create. We can't let them stand in the way of a just recovery in the Gulf by stealing our money. Tell them we're watching. 

Act NOW and tell Interior Secretary Salazar to freeze all Halliburton contracts until Halliburton is cleared of wrongdoing. 

In Solidarity,

KIN Team

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