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Mar 22, 2011, 3:05:07 PM3/22/11
to tairu
Just wondering if anyone has heard anything about what was changed in
the 3/15 patch.


Dan Samuel

Mar 22, 2011, 6:52:35 PM3/22/11
to ta...@googlegroups.com
This release just fixed some minor bugs that probably no one even noticed :-) At least no one ever reported them, and
now I don't even remember exactly what they were... But, for example, I believe there was a spelling error in the
"About..." text. Exciting stuff like that.

I have been ruminating about, but taking no action on, possible new features, and the one that keeps coming to mind is
(no, NOT a 'timed mode'. I hate timed modes) something like a 'pattern challenge' mode. Where instead of clearing
rectangles, you are given a simple pattern of colored tiles (shown down below the score) and the board is filled with
exactly what you need, and your challenge is to slide things around until you make that shape (imagine "red 4x6 in
middle of see of green")

So, NOT a sliding-tile jigsaw puzzle, but something sort of like that. Rules of sliding would be the same (slide entire

I just can't decide if that would be fun or not.

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