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German Porta

Apr 5, 2021, 4:38:07 AM (6 days ago) Apr 5
to taigaio
Hi there. Just curious if leaving the "Create Issue" screen with the old Rich Text Editor (instead of the new CK Editor in which you can paste formatted text and images) was by design.

If it was by design, it would be very useful that upon creation of a new Story there is a quick way to go to it in Edition mode and this way be able to use the new Rich Text Editor to complete it.

Note: This somehow relates to the fact that when a new story is created it goes to the end of the list, so I did not find a quick way to create a story just with the bare bone info (title and type), and then quickly going to it to edit it using the new editor, without having to scroll to the  bottom of the new items in the Kanban board to find it to then complete it.

Thanks in advance!

Miryam González Duque

Apr 5, 2021, 6:12:26 AM (6 days ago) Apr 5
to taigaio
Hi! For now, all forms to create entities (user stories, tasks, and issues) have a No-Rich text editor. The Rich text editor appears in the edit mode.  We have a similar flow in our roadmap to make this process faster; to have a quick form (quicker than now) to create the entity and an easy way to access a more complete form if needed. 

About the note, this is the issue where you can follow the progress https://tree.taiga.io/project/taiga/issue/4352

Thanks for your feedback!

German Porta

Apr 5, 2021, 6:42:43 AM (6 days ago) Apr 5
to Miryam González Duque, taigaio
Thanks a ton Miryam for your super fast response! And yes, I checked that item in the backlog before writing my initial message, so glad that something is being worked out. 

If I can make a suggestion, many other tools of this kind show a clickable link to the "just created item" as part of the confirmation popup message that the item was created successfully which appears for a few seconds after a successful save; clicking on that link brings you directly to the newly created item in edition mode, and that provides a very quick way to get to it. So maybe something like that could be considered? Just my two cents :-)

You girls and guys rock!

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