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Scott Johnson

Jan 13, 2021, 4:58:11 PMJan 13

I have a locally hosted Taiga instance, a version of Taiga5 with some modifications to the frontend (taiga-front) project (it mostly just includes a couple of user interface changes that make it clear when a ticket is blocked, etc... These are PRs I submitted over a year ago that have since been closed because of Taiga 6's impending release :) )

Unfortunately, when I reorder the backlog, the ordering doesn't seem to "take". The drag-and-drop appears fine, but then when I reload the page, the order is back to the way it was prior to my reordering.

I've read through this thread:

But, it doesn't appear to have a conclusion.

I have ~212 user stories right now, so it's not a HUGE database. When I perform a query of the userstory_userstories table, I see quite a number of rows that have values of something like "1546706773718" for backlog_order, which makes me wonder if something went wrong at some point in time. (Some rows have reasonable values, like "10" or "15", but most of them are these very large integers.

I'm wondering if resetting all of my backlog order values to "10000" (which, I believe, is the default value) will cause a bunch of chaos in my setup. I don't want to do it if there is a chance I will be unable to access my taiga instance (as I don't have time right now to reinstall from a backup).

Any suggestions on what I might be able to try to get this to work, or what I can do to troubleshoot this issue prior to the release of Taiga 6? (Once Taiga 6 is released, I'm planning on allocating time to move everything over to a new instance of Taiga anyway, but I suspect that the corrupt data I have now will likely also be present in the new instance, so I'd like to get it fixed if possible).



David Barragán

Jan 14, 2021, 3:03:23 AMJan 14
to Scott Johnson, taigaio
Hi Scott,

Large numbers are normal. When a user story is created, the timestamp in miliseconds is assigned as the backlog order so the story is placed at the end of the stack (you can review the code here On the other hand, we have detected some strange behavior related to drag&drop in the backlog (they happen only a few times) that we have fixed in Taiga 6 rewriting the code of this functionality.

I hope with the new release all your problems will be solved.

Best regards

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Scott Johnson

Jan 14, 2021, 11:47:59 AMJan 14
to David Barragán, taigaio
Thanks, David. I look forward to the new release!

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