Backup and restore - JSON or pgdump

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Paul Tussock

Nov 13, 2021, 11:31:49 PMNov 13
to taigaio
I understand from that the recommended method of backing up a taiga site is to use pgdump, and to also take a copy of the media folder.

However for the last few years I've been using some command line scripts to simply dump the current project into JSON every day, which seems to include everything in one file.

I just recently upgraded taiga from 4.x to 6 and it was incredibly easy (apart from installing taiga on a VM - that part is painful). I took my last JSON backup, imported into taiga 6 (again - from the command line using and it worked!

The only extra step was that all the users are created (and issues, stories correctly assigned), but they are set in an "unconfirmed" state.

So first up - KUDOS to the taiga dev team that a 2-major-version-jump just worked.

But the question is - is there a reason that pgdump + media folder recommended over a single JSON file? Admittedly the script to get the JSON is a bit convoluted as it needs to login, get project id, request JSON, wait for a bit, then download. But is there an advantage to pgdump?

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