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Jun 14, 2021, 9:29:40 AMJun 14
to taigaio
Hello @all,

first at all I´m new to taiga. So if this question a buch of sh** tell me this friendly.
In our scenario it would be very helpful to have a global overview over all users and to give someone the rights to create a new project an other not.

I´m not found anything in taiga itself. Is there any change to do this?
The global user overview I can do with the API query, but the rights I have no idea at the moment.

I have found the following attributes in the user context via api:

"max_private_projects": null,
"max_public_projects": null,
"max_memberships_private_projects": null,
"max_memberships_public_projects": null,

when I set the first and second value to 0 or 1, will this restrict this user to create themself a new project?

Best Regards and Thanks a Lott,
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