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Ann Kinzig

Apr 9, 2011, 5:43:45 PM4/9/11
to Tagxedo
I am trying to make a word cloud for my Mom and Dad's 50th wedding
anniversary. I've asked for words describing them from friends and
family. Several have included the word "faithful".

I've mastered how to impose my own color scheme, EXCEPT...tagxedo
seems not to like this word. All the others can be input
with :#bbff00, or whatever, but in spite of the fact that Faithful is
input in EXACTLY the same manner, it always shows up as some other
color (green in a sea of warm colors, for instance).

I can delete it and retype it in a different position in the word
list, and still no luck.

I simply cannot dictate the color of the word Faithful. Everything
else shows up in the color I want (I'm using a 4 color scheme--but it
always turns into a five color scheme with Faithful included).

Any hints as to why tagxedo would do this?

Otherwise a GREAT program--thanks for that!


Hardy Leung

Apr 11, 2011, 5:15:26 PM4/11/11
to Tagxedo

I have no problem with the word "faithful".

I took one of the pages I was reading, and added "faithful:30:#bbff00"
and I got something like this:

so it works. Keep in mind the format is #rrggbb. #bbff00 is a
greenish color.

If a word does not have a color modifier, its color will be chosen
based on the theme. Change the "color variation" to 0% if you want
only the exact colors but not interpolated colors (usually not a very
noticeable problem).

-- Hardy
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