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Jan 25, 2015, 4:19:14 PM1/25/15
to tagain...@googlegroups.com
Hi everyone and Alexandre,

I would like to propose a feature for the current GUI of Tagaini jisho.
It is for the Practice part.

I would like to know if it will interest people to get some mouse
area to answer kanjis translation. When I practise, I feel the need of writing
my answer to be sure I am correct so, maybe, it is the same for others.

I have seen that the reading practice already does that. I would like to do the
same but it would be for kana writing.

For the Yes/No trainer (Flashcards), I was thinking about a drawing area to
write the kana for the "japanase/meaning" part. I already developed it. It will
not check if answers are correct (which is currently done in the "reading
practice" but it would be more difficult to implement..).

What do you think ?

Maybe it would be more consistent to develop a "Writing practice" (the
same way than "Reading practice", without automatic answers checking)

Best regards,


Alfonso Arbona Gimeno

Jan 25, 2015, 4:33:49 PM1/25/15
to tagain...@googlegroups.com

Personally, if I'm practicing kanji I just write it in a piece of paper and then check if the answer was correct. That way I make sure that I know it, and my hand gets used to write those kanji.
I don't really know if I'd use that feature even if it existed because drawing kanji in the computer without a drawing pad it's quite difficult...

If you meant typing it (writing in kana/romanji) then, maybe. However with an IM it's waay too easy to cheat (just press space and you'll see it), and I also don't like forcing myself not to press 'space' after writing because when I'm actually writing in Japanese I end up doing it systematically.

I didn't want to sound rude, it's a good addition to tagaini but I don't think I'd use it...

Alfonso Arbona Gimeno


Jan 26, 2015, 6:52:38 AM1/26/15
to tagain...@googlegroups.com

No problem and thank you for your reply. I want to get other point of
views (from old users because I am a "newbie" on Tagaini !) that's why
I am writing it on the mail list.

My proposal was not to write kanjis with the keyboard but to "draw"
kanjis. I based my development on the "scribble" example of Qt :
So, with your mouse, you can draw a kanji/hiragana/katakana which are
in the study list. It is like touch drawing on tablets but, as it is
for Desktops, you will have to use the mouse instead of your finger. I
do not know if I am clear.

I agree that paper is the best way to work Kanjis. I thought that,
when users have practiced enough (on paper), drawing it with a mouse
should be enough to see if the user remember the kanji or not (and so,
must work harder on this kanji entry).
As I am currently learning "basic" kanjis and hiragana, it is okay but
I do not know how complex kanjis are difficult to draw. You are right,
I assume that
it is, maybe, too difficult to draw kanji with the mouse and not with
a drawing pad.

Best regards,

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Alexandre Courbot

Feb 17, 2015, 8:55:07 AM2/17/15
to tagaini-jisho
Hey, sorry for the delayed reply - I just found this email at the
bottom of my messy inbox! :P

I am not sure about drawing kanji/kana with the mouse. It has little
practical value as this is not a widely used way to input characters ;
and checking the correctness of the form would be made more difficult
by the fact you cannot really draw strokes accurately with a mouse.

Good old paper and pen are both faster and more useful as a training
support ; for tablets/phones where you can draw accurately and fast
with your finger or a stylus, this is different and such a feature
would certainly be appreciated.
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