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Arik D

May 27, 2022, 7:36:53 AM5/27/22
to Tagaini Jisho
someday I downloaded this nice app to learn some Japanese vocabulary. But I was struggling from the minute on.
And still I am doing hard on it.
I have created a small list of three characters and I haven't found out how to study them nor am I able to a list N1 or 2 or 3. Right now I am not even able to view them.
You see I got not very far and it is a bit frustrating. I can imagine what I can do with the tags (I haven't looked it up in the manual, but it looks very helpful). I tried to get some important out of the manual but wasn't able.
Is this app only for viewing and searching kanji only? I do not guess so.
Can you give me some small advice please? I really want to know how and if I am able to boost my Japanese learning.
Thank you

Alexandre Courbot

May 28, 2022, 10:22:27 PM5/28/22
to tagaini-jisho
Hi Arik,

Tagaini's interface can feel a bit dated and the fact it does not try to follow a particular study methodology may also be confusing to new users. Also the manual certainly needs a brush-up.

The key to using Tagaini effectively is to understand it is just a discovery tool and database for your study material - an assistant, not a teacher.

The most important feature is the study list. You can add entries to that list by right-clicking them in the results view, or pressing the blue flag in the detailed view. It is then easy to review and practice them from the "Practice" menu ("whole study list" practice options).

If you are looking for entries in your study list, there is a filter tab ("Study") for this in the search tool. All the filters are additive, so you can make a search for e.g. "all the kanji entries I study which are JLPT N5".

If there is a search you like in particular, you can save it and redo it later in the Saved searches. And if you want to practice a particular search set, the "current set" practice options in the Practice menu will let you do that.

That should cover the basics - make sure to organize your knowledge by tagging it and adding notes. There is also a hierarchical lists feature, but I am not too fond of it personally.

Hope this helps,


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