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Web Guru

Jan 30, 2017, 5:08:45 PM1/30/17
to Taffy Users
We are using taffy as our go-to framework (with Lucee and with CF) for couple of years now developing custom APIs for our client but we have not used it to develop a heavy traffic API. Now there is a need to develop an API that will be under some load (~ 400k-600k calls a day) with some period in the day more heavy than rest of the day. 

My question is from long time taffy user and gurus, how is their experience with using taffy for heavy load APIs? and what are some of the best practices while developing for such load? 

Thanks in advance! 

Adam Tuttle

Jan 31, 2017, 9:44:08 AM1/31/17
to Taffy Users
Same as any other CF service under that sort of load: leverage HTTP caching (e.g. eTags) and server-side caching as well: Query caching and Taffy's caching hooks, e.g. with ehCache. I would also be sure that your web server layer will support gzip compression if the client requests it.

We haven't seen that sort of load but I've been using Taffy in production for years and years now and it's been rock solid and never the bottleneck in any speed issues. In case you weren't aware, taffy includes response headers that show how much time is spent in each phase... so you can see if your onTaffyRequest method is taking a long time, or the resource, or serialization, etc...


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