Integrating Taffy with Mura Plugin

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Jamie Jackson

Aug 22, 2016, 3:05:55 PM8/22/16
Hi Folks,

Over on Slack, I asked about how to approach integrating Taffy into a Mura plugin. Adam pointed out some of the same issues I'd been thinking about, and ultimately recommended a standalone Taffy app:

Taffy requires control of Application.cfc (`extends="taffy.core.api"`). You can share the memory space of Mura or a plugin by using the same application name but then you inherit additional problems, i.e. what do you do to prepare the application when everything has timed out and the API is called before the Mura app? (and more)

My advice would be either just start from scratch or use the same objects [ed.: I think he meant the same components] but in a separate memory space (e.g. different Application name) so that they operate independently of one another.

I can see the advantages of the standalone approach, and I may end up going that route, but it would bug me to reinstantiate my model singletons if there were another way.

I see that a while back, Greg Moser had integrated a Mura plugin with Taffy (but it seems like it was a non FW/1--the de facto standard--plugin type).

Also, I see that Marco Betschart had at least been exploring Mura plugin / Taffy integration, so I'm curious to know what that yielded.

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