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Jonathan Murphy

Jul 2, 2010, 5:16:12 AM7/2/10
to Tactile Sounds
Hi Folks,

There is a new version of Substance available, with many new patches
(thanks Ingo), and some changes. You can get it here:


Ingo Weidner

Jul 2, 2010, 10:06:35 AM7/2/10
to Tactile Sounds
Hi Jonathan,

i just downloaded and installed the new version. I'll try to keep your
naming rules for the new patches. I'll copy the first 64 into my
personal "working" folder for this reason, except 2 patches where i
made small changes.
I'll also check if something changes with the introduction of new
features but it doesn't look so bad at the first look.

BTW the new filter modulation and Ringmod features look quite nice.
I'll check how far i could use them on new or maybe some old patches.

Like written on KVR my new update will come tomorrow, already 12 new
patches are made. :)



I just downloaded the new version

Ingo Weidner

Jul 3, 2010, 4:41:14 AM7/3/10
to Tactile Sounds
I found a problem with the last version which i already described at

"Hi Jonathan,

i wanted to add some Modwheel or Aftertouch filter modulation to some
of my older patches but i found that this is quite a problem.
The problem is that even if the Modwheel or Aftertouch is turned off
(=set to zero) the "Mod" knob in both filter sections applies a
drastic change in the filter cutoff which means it totally changes the
sound even without using the Modwheel at all. What's even more
surprising is that the "Mod" knob used this way changes the sound be
be thinner than fatter like it would be expected. When the Modwheel is
used is sounds more or less as expected but with turning it off the
whole sound is changed like described above.


PS: New patches will come either this evening or tomorrow morning."

On 2 Jul., 11:16, Jonathan Murphy <> wrote:

Ingo Weidner

Jul 5, 2010, 3:46:54 AM7/5/10
to Tactile Sounds
Hi everyone,

after some days here is the new update for my TS Substance patches. At
the moment it cobtains 87 patches:

Like always i added the fxb file to the files folder of the group.

Here is a short description of what i added/changed:

- categories of new patches: Strings, Brass, Pads, Keys (e.g. Organs)
- i added some more "classic" patches (from e.g. Vangelis, Jarre and
- small changes/fixes in a few older patches
- pitchbend modulation is added to all patches
- i tried to use new features like the new Ringmod source selection
and filter Modwheel modulation in some patches
- some patches use Crossmodulation ("X-Mod"). Opposing to the FM
patches the Modulator (=OSC1) is also used as a sound source in those
- many patches use Aftertouch or Modwheel modulation. Example: the
patch "IW Brass Oxygene" could be either used to play "Oxygene 4" or
when the Modwheel is used for "Oxygene 8" (at least approximately...).

At the moment i have the feeling i could reach a full 128 patches bank
for Substance but having in mind that the last 23 patches took around
5 days i could not give a time when this could be finished. A guess
would be at least 1-2 weeks. Anyway i think that my and Jonathans
current patches quite well show off the features and the basic sound
of Substance.


Ingo Weidner

Jul 9, 2010, 2:28:53 PM7/9/10
to Tactile Sounds
Hi everyone,

Since i am currently working on two other important projects i don't
know when i could continue doing patches for Substance so i post the
update on what i got until today. Now it's 96 patches all together:

I added some Jupiter 8 pads based on Arturia Jupiter 8V. Since a 1:1
replication is not possible in all cases they are at least close or
"just" sounding good as they are (IMO).

The earliest date for new patches could be around 1-2 weeks from now
on but i'm sure i'll not forget about TS Substance. :)


Ingo Weidner

Jul 10, 2010, 7:12:41 AM7/10/10
to Tactile Sounds
Hi everyone

Jonathan published a new version of Substance:

Like i already thought the new filter modulation also changed the
sounds but the fix was quite easy. In fact all i had to do was to
subtract the "Mod" value from the "EG" value. This is only necessary
for Modwheel/Aftertouch modulation, not for LFO and EG modulation.

The fixed patches are here:

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