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Yijun Yuan

Dec 21, 2021, 12:56:16 AM12/21/21
to szlug

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From: Swapnil M Mane <swapni...@apache.org>
Date: Mon, Dec 20, 2021 at 8:53 AM
Subject: [ANNOUNCE] - Establishing ALC Shenzhen Chapter
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Hello all,

ComDev PMC is pleased to announce our next Apache Local Community [1]
ALC Chapter - ALC Shenzhen [2] and Eason Chen as ALC Shenzhen Chapter
We have the following members in ALC Shenzhen:

Willem Ning Jiang (Mentor)
-- ASF Member
-- Chair, (Servicecomb)
-- PMC (APISIX, Camel, CXF, Incubator, IoTDB, RocketMQ, ServiceMix,
ShardingSphere, SkyWalking)

Ted Liu (Mentor)
-- ASF Member
-- PMC (ComDev, Incubator)
-- Committer (ECharts)

Von Gosling (Mentor)
-- ASF Member
-- PMC (APISIX, Dubbo, RocketMQ, Incubator, ShardingSphere)

Ming Wen
-- ASF Member
-- Chair, APISIX

Liang Chen
-- ASF Member
-- Chair, CarbonData

Jerry Shao
-- ASF Member
-- PMC (Incubator, Spark)

Sammi Chen
-- Chair, OZone
-- PMC (Hadoop)

Zhenxu Ke
-- PMC (Incubator, SkyWalking)
-- Committer (DolphinScheduler, Dubbo)
-- Mentor (MXNet, SeaTunnel)

Du Heng
-- PMC (RocketMQ)

Zili Chen
-- PMC (Curator)
-- Committer (Incubator, Flink)

Lin Lin
-- PMC (Pulsar)

Eason Chen (Chen Guangsheng) (Chapter Lead)
-- PPMC (EventMesh)
-- Committer (Incubator, RocketMQ)

Xiao Yu
-- Committer (Incubator, ShardingSphere)

Guocheng Zhang
-- PPMC(InLong)
-- Committer (Incubator)

Weiming Xue
-- Committer (Incubator)

Charles Zhang
-- PPMC (InLong)
-- Committer (Incubator)

Shuai Di
-- PPMC (Linkis)
-- Committer (Incubator)

Heping Wang
-- PPMC (Linkis)
-- Committer (Incubator)

Congratulations to the ALC Shenzhen Chapter and wishing them the best
luck for their future events.

[1] https://s.apache.org/alc
[2] https://s.apache.org/alc-shenzhen

Best regards,
The Apache ComDev team,
bbbush ^_^
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