SYZFAIL: too many comparisons ncomps=0

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jinliang ruan

May 23, 2023, 4:11:48 AMMay 23
to syzkaller
Hi Syzkaller  Maintainers,

Previously I was using syzkaller tool to fuzz Android devices.Currently I downloaded and compiled two syzkaller versions,respectively 48bc529a/4bce1a3e.

When testing against the same kernel version, 48bc529a version can generate courpus and coverage normally,But version 4bce1a3e will report the following crash soon after syzkaller starts.

SYZFATAL: executor 1 failed 11 times: executor 1: exit status 67
SYZFAIL: too many comparisons
ncomps=0 (errno 11: Resource temporarily unavailable)
SYZFAIL: child failed
 (errno 0: Success)
loop exited with status 67


Aleksandr Nogikh

May 24, 2023, 2:32:08 PMMay 24
to jinliang ruan, syzkaller
Hi Jinliang,

The commit 4bce1a3e itself couldn't be the reason, so it's something
between 48bc529a (Jan 2023) and 4bce1a3e (May 2023).

I cannot recall any related changes off the top of my head. Maybe, if
the problem reproduces reliably, you could run `git bisect` on
syzkaller revisions to figure out the exact commit that makes your
setup fail?

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