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Luca Bruno

Jan 19, 2009, 5:35:03 PM1/19/09
it's been a long time since I've stopped working on Syx because of lack of
time. You all know I work on Syx some months, then I stop for yet some
months, then start back again.
Recently I've done some progress with the new memory management, and the
code is becoming stable day by day. I feel the new version will be
released in a couple of months or less. Therefore having the new website
published and ready before the new release sounds better to me.

The current website has been maintained with a script created by me which
has had a sort of templating system, but it's definitely a no-go even for a
static website. I've decided to port all the code to WML[0] which is a
pretty good and simple tool[1]. In order to make things more automatic I've
written a couple of Makefiles. In the meanwhile I'm going to fix the size
the images (already discussed on this mailing list) then upload everything.

After that, I'll write the remaining pages that are currently hosted at
google then we can officialize the new homepage.

As usual, you can find the code under the "website" git branch[2].

Any suggestions about the license?


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