Closing Systems Thinking Sheffield

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Ash Moran

Dec 28, 2012, 3:21:08 PM12/28/12
Hi all

As many (if not most, or all) of you will already be aware, the GIST Foundation[1] has now closed its doors. The announcement is on their website. I'm very grateful to the GIST Foundation for providing us with a venue while the group has been running. I started the group while I was living in Sheffield, which has not been the case for almost two years now. (I'm currently living in Manchester.)

These two things combined - the distance for me to go to organise events, and the lack of a regular venue - has led me to officially close Systems Thinking Sheffield.

I will keep this mailing list open, in case anybody would like to use it to contact members. I'll also keep the website[2] and Twitter account[3] alive, and I'll update these soon. If anybody in future decides they would like to take over and re-ignite the group, at least an online infrastructure will still be around to support it.

As a nearby alternative, don't forget that Manchester is the home of Systems and Cybernetics in Organisations[4] (SCiO). I go to as many of their open/development/training days as I can, and I recommend dropping by for at least an open day some time. It's a dedicated group of friendly practitioners. (Some of you were members of SCiO before coming to a Systems Thinking Sheffield event!) Further north there is the North of England Transformation Network[5] (NET^2) which many of you will know through Paul Hollingworth. They have a LinkedIn Group too[6].

Thanks to everyone who has helped, and especially to those who have run sessions.

All the best to you all in your systems thinking in the new year and beyond. Just try not to go too crazy in our back-to-front world of bean-counter-run command-and-control pin factories, where everyone has "tried that one before"… and certainly don't be late for your individual performance review :-)




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