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Jon Awbrey

Apr 17, 2023, 11:20:12 AM4/17/23
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Re: Mathstodon • Seamus Bradley

I thought of a programming language where every function
can only return one type: the return type. The return
type is just a wrapper around a struct that contains the
actual return value, but also a reference to the called
function and arguments, and possibly an error code.

My flashback —

Way back in the last millennium I started work on a programming style
I called an “idea processor”, where an “idea” is a pointer to a “form”
and a form is a minimal type of record containing 1 character, 1 number,
and 4 more ideas.

I implemented a functional style where all the main functions are transformations
of one or more ideas to a return idea. The principal data type is an “idea-form flag”
which serves a role analogous to a “cons cell” in Lisp.

Here's one entry point —

Theme One Program • Exposition 1


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