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May 15, 2012, 1:08:28 PM5/15/12
to, Ana Gallego
Dear all:

We (Ana Gallego and I) uploaded today to an open source server the first SysML diagrams using an hybrid method to perform a Model Driven Scientific Method. It could benefit any PhD student or any scientist interested in designing new complex experiments in a multidisciplinary team. Or any other one that will have a complex set up being an individual researcher. Both will benefit from having a VISUAL design of the experiment, and that's why we are proposing this approach to science and would like to encourage its use instead of today's approaches. 

Those diagrams describe a) an experiment performed without SysML (about a contribution to a conference already published) and b) the DoE (Design of Experiment) for the same experiment but using SysML to architect the components and define the processes. 

You can find them in as a Topcased exported project: 

If you don't have Topcased or you don't know how to use it, you can access directly to the diagram images captures at: 

Any comments, suggestions, issues or whatever are welcomed. 

This model is released as open source, so feel free to use it, reuse it or modify it for your own purposes just citing the authors and linking to the original source (in other words recognizing the work done). 

Best regards and thanks for your time
Ignacio González Alonso


Jul 29, 2013, 6:17:27 AM7/29/13
to, Ana Gallego
Dear all, 

On Mon, May 13, 2013 at 5:48 PM, Dieter Van Eessen <> wrote:

I like the idea of included modeled experiments within a project. Most often refinements of requirements are the result of testing certain prototypes, which could also be modeled within the same project. It is thus usefull if you'd be able to know why certain decisions have been made. Most model elements of your prototype will actually be used within the design of your experiment.

It would be even nicer you could use this model. I've notice there is a certain project (KEPLER-project, using the PTOLEMY II framework), which allows to model and execute scientific workflows. Would it be considered a usefull asset if you could do the same with SysML models of your experiment?

Yes, indeed one of the most interested applications in SysML is code generation and automation. The point now is to succeed in human adoption, so at this stage we are focusing on using it without the automation part, but it is a future goal. We will see short term benefits in spreading the adoption in scientific teams before automating some parts.  

There seems to already exist a UML testing profile used within model-based testing (of software), although I have no idea what it is or how it works...

Well, I suppose its purpose is to focus in describing software tests, which are not so similar to Scientific experiments.  

A scientific workflow is stored in xml format conform to the MoML schema. A transformation from sysml to ptolemy might be realizable: The MoML.ecore metamodel is available on the web. The ptolemy.uml metamodel (profile) is available in the AtlanMod Zoo of metamodels.

This actually smells like a QVT transformation project, but yet I haven't found any initiative on this idea.
Any thoughts? Would there be a public if this got set-up as open source?

Right now, MDS is open source in as a Topcased exported model.  In case anyone will implement the QVT transformation he/she should understand if there is enough added-value to release it as open source and it will be better to commercialized such a service in a different way. From our side, MDS to be part of Science, should be open sourced (as we did already) but may be for others can be a source of income. 

Best regards
Dr. Eng. Ignacio González Alonso.  

kind regards,
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