Displaying SyntaxHighlighter code on the same line as normal text.

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May 15, 2010, 2:56:09 AM5/15/10
to syntaxhighlighter

I'm not quite sure if this google group is dead or not, but I'm going
to post anyway.

Basically at the moment I have a system in which the h5 tags make
something into my "code styling" which is this horrible green colour;
so I figured I should try some syntax highlighting, and after some
research came to SyntaxHighlighter. My plan is once I've got it ready
I just edit the pages so the replace all the h5 tags with pre
class="whatever" (as I already have lots of content, this could take a
while as it is) but some of the h5 tags are simply to symbolise that
something i've typed in the middle of normal text is code.

For example: Now we make the program RETURN 0, this makes it end.

While I've been testing out SyntaxHighlighter I've noticed that it
will automatically make this go on a new line, which I don't want.

Is there any way to make the SyntaxHighlighter code (i'm already using
light so it wont display the gutter etc) display on the same line as
the text.

Thanks In Advance,


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May 15, 2010, 7:40:49 AM5/15/10
to syntaxhighlighter
Please note that I also want to try and remove the automatic line
break after every line, as all my code is already ready for the web so
has <br/> after every line (which for some reason shows as text
instead of being HTML as it should be (I need to know how to sort that
out)); It also already uses &#60; for example instead of <, so I don't
need it to process any triangular brackets or HTML stuff into text.

Please Help,

Thanks In Advance,

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