Soldering Workshop with the Audio Amplifier Kit

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Sep 7, 2013, 10:48:59 PM9/7/13

We're holding the next soldering workshop, Sunday September 29th at 4pm.  There is a limit of 16 students to this class, so if you want to make this awesome kit, sign up.

Soldering Workshop with the Audio Amplifier Kit

Your work room just got a little more musical! SparkFun’s Audio Amp Kit is designed around a STA540 Power Amplifier. Once you have finished putting this kit together, you will have a fully-functioning two-channel amp, complete with a standby switch, volume control, and indicator LEDs. It’s time to crank the volume up on your next project!

But wait, there's more!

Not only does this class cover soldering the audio amplifier kit, we also work with you on laser cutting your own project enclosure for your new audio amplifier.

This kit, at $30 itself is a good value, but it doesn't include some of the things you need.  So we've gone through the trouble of sourcing all the other hardware required to give you something you can use once you've completed the class.

This class includes the following items:

• The Sparkfun Audio Amplifier Kit

• 12x12" acrylic stock to be used to laser cut your own project box

• Hardware required to assemble the project box

• A 12V 1A power supply, and DC power jack

• Gold plated RCA audio connectors for audio input and output

• Stacked potentiometer for volume control

• Panel mounts for your status indicator LEDs

• Ten is good, but this amplifier gives you one more. Yes, we're including a volume knob that goes to 11!

Not included:

• Speakers

• Audio cables

Customize Your Case

For those who want to customize their laser cut case, or are interested in seeing the bill of materials, all the information is shared here:

Still not enough?

So the price of the class covers the cost for the kit, the additional parts to cut your own project enclosure, as well as the required power supply, audio connectors, etc..

But also as a part of the cost for this class, I'm purchasing two new temperature controlled soldering stations to add to SYN Shop for use in the Soldering Workshops.  So by taking this class you give SYN Shop the ability to offer Soldering Workshops to more students in the future.

Class time:

So it sounds like a lot, soldering a kit, and making your own project box on the laser cutter.  It is, and that's why to give everyone a couple extra hours of time to complete the class, we're holding it on Sunday starting at 4pm vs our normal 6:30pm for the soldering workshops.

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